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29. 3. 2012.


Physiotherapy has an important role in accelerating recovery processes, especially when local muscle fatique is occurred, to which it came due to training work and competitions. Mechanism of physiotherapeutic procedures effects, in most cases, is made of recovery, optimization of regulative central nervous system influence on functional activity of systems and organs(cause of neural, cardiovascular, breathing and other systems activity stimulation), in decrease of general fatigue, faster work capacity recovery and increased organism resistance to negative influences of external surround. Right dosing, step by step use of physiotherapeutic procedures, by respecting individuality principle, type of sport, extensity and intensity of training load and other factors of external surround, wished results could be get.
Physiotherapy contains following procedures:

Greazes and creams are used to enable significantly efficient and faster recovery process, to lead to sport injuries healing and generally are used as a device to increase work capacity of an athlete. By massage of specific greazes and creams deeper muscle process that leads to reaching and maintaining body temperature is achieved. A huge number of creams and greazes is used in practical work in the case of sports injuries, pain in muscles after huge exertion, for thermal skin therapy…

 “Technology of sports training and recovery”, Julijan Malacko&Dragan Doder

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