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28. 3. 2012.

Too much proteins in nutrition

Some athletes call themselves true carnivores. They are specified to one feature – they eat too much meat and proteins in their nutrition. Proteins are good, but in optimal balance of 60% carbohydrates, 15-25% fat and 15-25% proteins. Any amount of proteins above 25% of total nutrition value can create following problems:
  • If stomach is loaded with too much proteins, muscle will not get enough carbohydrates.
  • Everybody who eats too much proteins will have to urinate often, cause protein is digested to urea, waste product that is excreted through urine. Often going to the toilet can be a problem in competition or training
  • Dehydration increase and kidneys overloading.
  • By eating lower portions of meat money will be saved. Instead of money for buying meat, you can use it to buy plants rich with proteins(beans, lens, soya, tofu) and fruit, vegetables, potato and cereals.
  • Nutrition rich with proteins is often fat(soft fat steaks, pizza with ham…). In the purpose of heart health and sports performance increase, saturated fats intake(that are found in animal proteins) should be decreased. This will also decrease the risk from some types of cancer. 
"Sports nutrition", Nancy Clark

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