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23. 3. 2012.

Carbohydrates load for long lasting activity

This is generally used for activity lasting longer than 90 minutes, but if you prepare for activity like soccer game, or tournament, or you have heavy schedule, you should adjust this thing according to your needs. If it is summer, spring, or hot weather outside, mixed with huge air humidity, you shouldn’t avoid this at all costs. If you follow this strictly, you will SURELY LESSEN YOUR CHANCES OF FATIQUE AND INJURY.

  1. Eat carbohydrates every day during preparation period, not only before huge competition

In every day meal a lot of carbohydrates has to be present, some fats and adequate amount of proteins. Everyday intake of 60-70% of carbohydrates stops chronique fatique appearance and stops glycogen chronic falling, and it will also enable good training and achievement of great results.
When you take carbohydrates, don’t follow the rule “eat more, you will be better”. If you eat too much, you will have stomach problems, and you won’t be fulfilled like when you ate normal amount. The best recommended amount is 8g per one kg of body weight.

  1. Make last strong training 3 days before competition and start the supercompensation process at least 2 days before competition

Forget last minute trainings. Rest yourself, relax, you will have more use from rest before competition. Though strong training enhance your power, you need some time to recover and heal damaged tissues during that process.
Many athletes thinks that their form will drop rapidly. You can make sure in this article that this won’t happen that easy.
If you rest more and train less in the last hour, you will increase your chances of making a good result. You should eat additional 600-1000 calories in order to feel yourself with carbohydrates, cause these number is most often used for muscle load.

Before important soccer game these rules should be followed
Days before competition
Nutrition(% carbohydrates)
Match day
Individual adjustment

  1. Adequate amount of proteins should also be taken with carbohydrates

Athletes’ body needs every day 1.2-1.8 grams of proteins per one kg of body weight. Make sure that everyday 2 small packs of protein food are eaten along with 2-3 servings of dairy products.

  1. Don’t eat fat

To keep 20-25% of fats per nutrition, think of one of following advices: place jam on tost instead of butter, fill pancakes with maple syrup, sugar or jam instead of bulky fat crems; and in pasta you can place tomato sauce instead of oil and cheese. Small amount of fats is ok, but don’t overeat yourself.
Make sure to replace fats with carbohydrates. For example, instead of sauce take one more potato. Pack of 0,5kg spaghetti will enable you to eat well, but it contains only 1600 calories.

  1. Choose wholemeal carbohydrates rich with fibers

It will enable regular muscle contractions of digestive organs and its good functioning. Integral bread and brans, cereals, fruit and vegetables is the good choice. If you eat too much white bread, white rice, pasta, or other rafined products, you can easily get constipation, especially if you train less. If you suffer from diarrhea, avoid food with too much fibers before race.

  1. Plan your meals carefully

Day before race you can eat more in order to enable enough time for food digestion and passing through organism. Later enjoy in normal dinner and eat before sleeping something as a light meal.

  1. Drink more water

That will disable dehydration.
-          During two additional days drink 4-8 additional glasses of water or juice. If you urinate often, that is good signal.
-          Decrease amount of dehydrative drinks like beer, wine or other alcoholic drinks or drinks that contain caffeine.
-          On the day of race, 2 hours before start drink at least 3 glasses of water and 5-10 minutes before start 1-2 glasses.

  1. On the day of competition make sure to eat something that you have already tested and that will not be hard for your stomach
  2. Be sensible

Don’t eat only fruit cause you will get diarrhea.
Don’t eat only refined products cause you will get constipation.
Don’t drink beer cause you will dehydrate.
Don’t train too much in the last moment cause you will create additional fatique in your muscles.
Don’t eat anything new that day that is not tested before.

"Sports nutrition", Nancy Clark

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