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Basic info:  
First name: Vladimir
 Last name: Vladisavljevic
Lives in: Obrenovac, Serbia
Place of birth: Belgrade, Serbia
Date of birth: 29.01.1988.

 Contact info:
E- mail: 
Skype: han.jung.soo, Kwangju, South Korea
Facebook: (Vladimir Complete Conditioning Zec)
Youtube channel: assistant coach at COMPLETECONDITIONING)

Practical abilities

- Soccer complete conditioning preparation relying on latest achievements from the area of sport science
- Rehabilitation after sports injuries and prevention – creating of following system of each football player and injuries prevention by usage of various scientific methods
- Creating good and usable long term training plan and periodization
- Creating of modern training system which will be functional for the long period of time in which final goal is creation of high quality team and expertise organization.
- Ability to always make a deal and deviation
- Whole my life are sports and statistical calculations
Area of interests

- Conditioning preparation of the best soccer players
- Aplication of scientific researches from psychology, biomechanics and physiology
- Sports nutrition
- Organism adaptation to agility, plyomethrics and explosivity training
- Flexibility improvement
- Human kinetics and anatomy with practical model applications
- Rehabilitation after sports injuries
- Application of psychology in sportsmen training
- Dedicated to sport science in all shapes

Sport experience

- 8 years of waterpolo
- 6 years of taekwondo
- taekwondo black belt 1st dan owner since 20th July, 2010
- Serbian taekwondo national team member, currently training in Taekwondo club “Galeb”, Belgrade, Serbia
-  3rd place in Serbian championship 2009
-  2nd place in Serbian cup 2011 
 -  3rd on Serbian championship 2012
 -  3rd place on Serbian Cup 2012
 -  Participation in international “A class” tournaments

- Belgrade University, Faculty of sports and physical education, 2006- 2011
- Average grade: 8,82
- Final thesis: Serbia national taekwondo team players preparation in the phase of  immediate preparation for World taekwondo championship”
- Master degree, Faculty of sports and physical education Belgrade
- Favourite about our abilities: We have experience and abilities to integrate our soccer players in international clubs. 

Research work
2008 – today

- Evaluations of tests for firing rate, flexibility,reaction time, plyomethrics, agility, explositivity and jump
- Evaluation of testing methodology
- Collecting, analyzing and statistical data processing
- Calculations and results predictioning
- Sport and personality psychology

Working experience

- Conditioning preparation of young football players and seniors(individual work)
- Conditioning preparation of handball players(individual work)
- Recovery after sport injuries – calculations and patterns

Rest of work

- Everyday improvement and books reading from the areas of sport science and sport psychology.


- Serbian
- Bulgarian
- English( high advanced level)
- German( high advanced level)
- Spanish( low medium level)
Computing and information technologies

- Microsoft Word
- Microsoft Excel
- Microsoft Power Point
- Online advertisement
- HTML Coding
- PHOTOSHOP - manipulation and adjustments

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