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6. 3. 2012.

Sports training structure

Training structure means the way of training bulding, its set and schedule of the parts that are making it. So, structure is not meaned only by elements and training parts, but also by their mutual connectivity. Three types of structure can be differed:
1)      Microstructure – depends on one training and small cycles- microcycles. Microcycles usually last 2-14 days(that is why they are wrongly called week cycles) and include all individual trainings in that period. More types of microcycles exist;
2)      Mesostructure – it depends on various mesocycles – that are created of more mycrocycles. Mesocycles usually last 15-45 days, mostly one month, so they are wrongly called month cycles;
3)      Macrostructure – it depends on huge cycles – macrocycles, that last differently- from few months to few years. The most often macrocycle is year cycle, but it would be wrong to call it a year cycle;
Training process is unique, so all levels structures are connected and conditioned. The basic unit of the whole training process is one training. In literature it is usually called  training class, but this is mostly due to its lasting of 45 minutes to 1 hour. So it is better to use the term “single training”.

"Basics of sports training", Vladimir Koprivica

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