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27. 3. 2012.


Copper is the part of huge number of enzymes, and it takes part in numerous functions in organism, like role in energy metabolism, tissue synthesis and protection from free radicals. 95% of copper is found in the shape of protein ceruloplasmin that is, among others, important for iron absorption from gastrointestinal tract.
Activity of erythrocyte superoxide-dismutase, enzyme that eliminates harmful effects of free radicals, is taken as objective parameter of copper condition in organism.
Level of ceruloplasmine in plasma is the condition of copper condition in organism in the conditions of rest. During stress(physical exercise) it comes to sudden release of this metaloproteine, so it is not reliable shower of this mineral level.
Few other factors that influend to copper level in plasma are: training type, training condition, changes in plasma volume, true level of cooper in organism. Loss of copper through sweat can be significant at long term, exhaustful trainings; when it comes to huge fluid loss.
RDA for copper is 1,5-3,0µg.

Copper intake

Copper is present in meat, clams, nuts, peas, cereals etc. Proteins, fructose, diet fibers, zync, iron and calcium decrease copper absorption in gastrointestinal tract.

“Athletes’ nutrition”, Marina Djordjevic Nikic

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