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16. 3. 2012.

Mobile carbohydrates

Mobile carbohydrates are carbohydrates that are easy for carrying and use. Perfect in situations where you don’t have much choice if you want to eat healthy.
Are you one of the sportsmen who has crisis of fat food attack… traveling all around the world… you have to eat in fast food restaurants… You can pack mobile carbohydrates in your bag and enjoy your meal and carbohydrates renewal whenever you want! Why to live in fear can you buy or not when you can pack? Here is the list of possible mobile carbohydrates(feel free to make your own list or add groceries according to your choice):
Ø      Integral rolls
Ø      Integral crackers
Ø      Pretzels
Ø      Moesli bars
Ø      Bars from dried fruit
Ø      Cereals
Ø      Dried marellas
Ø      Raisins
Ø      Fresh fruit(apples, bananas, oranges…)
Ø      Juices(2-3dl)
Ø      Mixture of seeds and nuts with dried fruit 

 "Sports nutrition", Nancy Clark

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