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17. 3. 2012.

Vitamine B1(Thiamine)

Active shape of this vitamine is thiamine-pyrophosphate. It serves in this shape as coenzyme in enzyme reactions of oxidative decarboxylation and in transketolasys reactions. In process of piruvates degradation during citric acid cycle, in mitochondrias, first decarboxylation reaction is enabled by enzyme complex in which thiamine is found.

 Earlier was thought that increased amount(supplementation) of this vitamine will enable higher sports achievement. However, there are no well controlled studies, that could confirm this theory.
Recommended daily amount(RDA) for this vitamine is 0,5mg/1000 kcal. It is thought that increased amount of refined carbohydrates can be followed by non-sufficient thiamine intake. Guess is that deficit of this vitamine can be exposed when physical work is done in anaerobic metabolism ratio, which is followed by huge production of lactic acid from carbohydrates.
Groceries rich with this vitamine are: pork, liver, wholemeal wheat grain and legumes. Deficite of  B1 vitamine at normal, typical nutrition of this area, that is rich with groceries named in the basic info thread, is not manifested.

“Athletes’ nutrition”, Marina Djordjevic Nikic

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