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13. 3. 2012.

Carbohydrates and weight

Will carbohydrates increase your weight?

Some people eat too little carbohydrates due to fear of too big weight.
Wrong advices from nutrition “gurus” that you will gain your weight if you eat bread and carbohydrates are incorrect. Too much fat will increase your weight – butter on bread, oil in pasta, cheese on crackers, mayonnaise in sandwich… Fat give 36 calories by spoon, and carbohydrates only 16. Even turning too much carbohydrates in fat is limited, because they are expend themselves during training. Body burns carbohydrates, and stores fat; to turn carbohydrates into fat 23% of metabolism calories is needed, and to turn too much fat into bulk, only 3% of calories is needed.
If you are born like glutton, better eat pretzels(carbohydrates) than peanuts(fat). This way you will load your muscles and have good training the next day. However, you must be aware that carbohydrates overeating will lead in the end to the weight gain. If carbohydrates reserves are stored, excess calories go to fat. Take a look at thread metabolism and count your normal level of calories when your body will not lose or gain weight. If you go above this number over and over, your carbohydrate overeating will cost you your desired weight! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH CALORIES IS NEEDED FOR YOU PER DAY TO KEEP YOUR WEIGHT IN BALANCE?
Instead of staying away from bread, bons and cereals; remember following:
  • Carbohydrates thicken less than fat food;
  • Carbohydrates are necessary for muscles charging;
  • Carbohydrates are expended during strong training;
  • Carbohydrates are benevolently fuel, fats are enemies;
  • If you are on diet to lose your weight, energize with bread, cereals, pastas and potatos; and decrease the intake of butter, margarine and mayonnaise that are often eaten with carbohydrates.

In some sports product commercials it is said that sportsmen should eat less carbohydrates, and more fats, to burn more fat and lose weight, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS! No research has shown that fat burning influents weight loss. The only way to lose your weight is to create CALORIE DEFICIT! 

"Sports nutrition", Nancy Clark

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