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27. 3. 2012.


Selenium is an integral part of enzyme glutation-peroxidase, enzyme that has a role of antioxidant in cell(degradates hyperoxid), together with tocoferol. Long term selenium deficit harms muscle tissue, leading to cardiomyopathia and muscular weakness.
There are indications that selenium role as an antioxidans is important at athletes that are exposed to long term physical work and mechanical tissue injuries. It is thought that physical work, like the one present in sports, leads to multiply bigger production of free radicals, that cause cell membranes damages. However, there are no data about bigger selenium losses, induced by hard training, and selenium supplementation at athletes.
RDA for selenium is 55-70µg. Selenium intake with food(seeds, grains) depends on ground from which it origins. Seafood and some offals(liver, kidneys) are rich with this element.
It is thought that selenium intake at healthy people is satisfactory. There are no data of this element intake at the athletes. 

“Athletes’ nutrition”, Marina Djordjevic Nikic

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