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26. 3. 2012.


Phosphorus in the shape of phosphates has an important role in structure and function of all living cells. Phosphates are in cell found in the shape of free ions in concentration of few miliequivalents at litre, like in shape of integral nucleotic acids component, nucleotides, phospholipids and some proteins. In tissues, this element is metabolically active, in the shape of phosphate(PO43-) molecule. In extracellular fluid phosphate circulates as free ion. In bones 85% of total phoshorus is found, mostly as a component of hodroxyapattite.
Regulation of this mineral absorption is helped by vitamine D2 in intestines, and similar process occurs in kidneys, to maintain normal phopshats concentration in serume. So, phosphates are excreted primarily through kidneys, and these process is precisely controlled. Small amount is excreted through feces(what is not absorbed) and sweat.
Dehydration and hemiconcentration that can be developed during training can influent to phosphate concentration increase in plasma. Loss through sweat is non-significant. If it comes to acidose development, it will come to phosphate level increase, or reverse, alcalose leads to concentration decrease.
This mineral is widespread in food. It is often found in a pack with proteins. Groceries that are rich with magnesium are: milk, cheese, legumes, meat, eggs, cereals and various vegetables. 

“Athletes’ nutrition”, Marina Djordjevic Nikic

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