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6. 3. 2012.

Biggest sensations in the history of national team competitions ever

United StatesEngland 1:0

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, year 1950, IV World Championship ; England lost from the total outsider, United States, and came like a favourite to win the World Cup. Seven months earlier England won United States -10:1!

North Korea - Italy 1:0

Middlesbrough, England, year 1966, VIII world championship; Italy came as one of the favourites to win the World Cup, and North Korea’s first appearance on the World Cups ever…

WalesHungary 2:1

Legendary Hungary national team was given the biggest chances to win the title in the VI World Championship, Sweden 1958.

West GermanyHungary 3:2

It was expected nearly 100% that Hungaria lead by Puskas, Kocisz and the rest of the soccer game masters will clear West Germany out of the field and easily win the V World Championship, Switzerland 1954. But though Hungary lead 2:0 , West Germany made to reverse the result and win 3:2 in the end! In fore competition, Hungary won 8:3!

PeruScotland 3:1

On XI World Championship in Argentina 1978, Scotland had very strong team by names. But Peru, not known until then, won and made the biggest sensation of XI World Cup.

North Ireland – Spain 1:0

The host of the XII World Championship, Spain 1982, Spain, was thought to be one of the teams that could easily win the World Cup.

AlgeriaWest Germany 2:1

This also happened in Spain 1982, XII World Champioship; Algeria was dominant in every aspect of the game and made the surprise.

MoroccoPortugal 3:1

Till 11.6.1986. it was thought that Portugal is soccer superforce. But in Guadalajara, Mexico, on XIII World Cup, Morocco crushed that theory.

CameroonArgentina 1:0

On XIV World Cup in Italy 1990; Argentina still was official champion of the world, when the game versus,in soccer,unknown Cameroon was played. Maradona and the rest of the Argentina team were defeated and the biggest sensation of XIV World Cup was made.

UruguayBrazil 2:1

On IV World Championship, in Brazil 1950, in front of 200.000 spectators, in the decision match on “Maracana” Brasil was absolute favorit, but soccer luck was on the side of Uruguay, which made one of the biggest sensations in soccer history ever.

PortugalGreece 0:1

On XII European Championship in Portugal 2004, Portugal was lead by Ronaldo and many other stars and it was thought to be certain winner versus Greece. But second time on that competition Greece won Portugal by the header goal of Traianos Dellas after corner, and “outsiders” from Greece became European champions.

“Soccer - history, methodics, tactics”, Veljko Aleksic&Aleksandar Jankovic

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