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28. 3. 2012.

Electric muscle stimulation(EMS)

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation, is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. EMS has received increasing attention in the last few years, because it has the potential to serve as: a strength training tool for healthy subjects and athletes; a rehabilitation and preventive tool for partially or totally immobilized patients a testing tool for evaluating the neural and/or muscular function in vivo; a post-exercise recovery tool for athletes. The impulses are generated by a device and delivered through electrodes on the skin in direct proximity to the muscles to be stimulated. The impulses mimic the action potential coming from the central nervous system, causing the muscles to contract. The electrodes are generally pads that adhere to the skin. EMS is cited by renown sport scientists as complementary technique for sport training, and published research is available on the results obtained.
Its increased use started in the last decade, especially with athletes which dominant needed feature is power. It is done with special devices, and stimulation lasting is 10-15 seconds, with rest of 45-50 seconds, mostly with 10 repeats. It can be multiple useful if done properly, and in opposite, its appliance can cause harmful effects, especially if it is done longer than the time prescribed. Electrostimulation appliance increases blood circulation and nutrition materials metabolism in muscle cells, which leads to muscle mass growth, and power along with that. It is most often used for recovery, but after three weeks its effect is dropping.

“Technology of sports training and recovery”, Julijan Malacko&Dragan Doder

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tahera је рекао...

Interesting read on electrical muscle stimulation. Thanks for sharing

Vladimir Complete Conditioning Zec је рекао...

Thank you for your comment, always glad to spread knowledge! :))

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Unknown је рекао...

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