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29. 3. 2012.

Sport massage

Sport massage is thought to be one of the best recovery techniques after hard muscle work.
Hand massage is used in preventive purposes and for recovery in all sports. Partial massage lasts for 5-15 minutes, and general 30-60 minutes. It is recommended that preventive massage is done 20-30 minutes after training work, and in the case of big fatique after 1-2 hours.
Athlete who is massaged in put in medium physiological position(elbow and knee semi-flexion). Skin is coated with talk, soap, butter or vaseline. For skin coating some other oils or alcohol solutions are used., too. In massage procedure few types of grabs is being used – smoothing(starts and ends massage), rubbing, tapping, cutting, plopping, vibration and shaking. In lying position back and back side of legs, thorax, stomach and front side of legs, one and other hand are massaged, and in sitting position head and neck.
Water and vibration massage influents to harmful metabolites removal from fatiqued muscles. Before the competition it influents on better blood circulation, and along with that to better materia transfer through organism. After shower and towel rubbing peripheral circulation is being increased. Big temperature that occurs in steam bath and sauna creates harder work of sweat and sebaceous glands, so huge part of harmful materials is excreted through this glands.
Vibration massage is done by special devices – vibrators of various dimensions and shapes that are started by electroengines, and intensity regulation is possible and vibration frequency can be changed. Vibration increases microcirculation processes, decreases feeling of pain and normalizes muscle tonus. Though vibration massage is recommended as a great choice for fight versus fatique, especially during local muscle fatique, recovery acceleration and sport traumas healing. The best effect is at frequency of 50-70 rolls per minute and amplitude 5,7mm and massage lasting of 1-2 minutes for each muscle group. Massage can be used before training, during training and after training. On competition massage can be used before competition, but it depends of an athlete training individualization factor. Actually, maybe some athletes think that massage will stop them from good results, talk to your athletes and your answer will be found quickly.
Water massage is done under water with the assistance of water jet of different temperature and pressure directed to athletes body. Athlete is found in bath tube or swimming pool with water temperature of 36-38 degrees, and during 5 minutes athlete lies peacefully preparing for massage, and after that massage starts. Water jet is always directed from peripheral area to the heart. In beginning extremities are massaged, and then body. Under pressure of 3-4 bar are massaged only limbs. Stomach is massaged with the most 1-1,5 bar, and massage in the heart area and genital organs is excluded totally. This process can be used once per day or few times per day. Complete massage is done of 15-30 procedures or simple massages.

 “Technology of sports training and recovery”, Julijan Malacko&Dragan Doder

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Sports Massage is a type of massage that is used to work on athletes of all levels of training from the weekend warrior to professional sports teams.
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