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18. 4. 2012.


Insulin is the hormone of protein nature that is synthetized in Langerhaus islands of pancreas, to be found in blood after that and perform its effects on various tissues in organism.
Insuline acts on metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fat:
Insulin lightens glucose transport through cell membrane of skeletal and smooth muscles and fat tissue. Enter of glucose into the tissues is the term to start the process of its decomposition, polymerization in glycogen or transformations in fat.
  • Influence on the metabolism of proteins and growth
Insulin increases the active transport of amino-acids in the cells. Effect on synthesis increase is exposed by insuline through influencing on genes expressin and processes on ribosoms.

Insulin is important for growth in the same measure like growth hormone. These two hormones work through different mechanism, and its optimal presence in organism is necessary for growth and tissue regeneration processes.
It is thought that optimal concentrations of insuline and growth hormone lead to increased glycogene resynthesis, renewal of spent proteins, and also lead to muscle mass increase at athletes.

Appliance in sport

Bodybuilders, just as other athletes(especially in power sports), use insulin in combination with anabolic steroids, clenbuterol and/or growth hormone, trying to increase muscle mass and emphasize good muscle definition. Results of this appliance are contradictory. Harmful effects can be very serious.

Harmful effects

Insulin abuse can cause hypoglycemia, that is followed by following symptoms: weakness, rigor, nausea, diplopia, numbness of fingers. Signs are deepened in second phase and they are followed by: irritability, speech disorders, non-coordinated movements… If in these condition responsive measures are done, it comes to complete conscious loss – coma, and it can be ended with death.


Insulin cannot be detected through testing methods.

Insulin appliance is allowed only in diabetes treatment. Use of insuline at athletes must be followed by written document, gave from endocrinologist or doctors team, that is given to the proper commission.

“Doping in sport”, Marina Djordjevic Nikic

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