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1. 4. 2012.

Brief vitamins review – functions and optimal daily amount

RDA – recommended daily amount
A(retinol) – important for healthy eyes, skin and mucosa of digestive and urinar tract and nose; also has an antioxidative effect – RDA 5000 IU
B1(thiamine) – helps when carbohydrates transfom into energy – RDA  1.5mg
B2(riboflavin) – needed for energy release, healthy skin, mucose membranes and nerves – RDA 1.7mg
B3(niacine) – helps when food transforms into energy; needed for growth and chormone production – RDA 20mg
B6(pyridoxine, pyridoxamine) – important for amino-acids synthesis and  degradation; helps in metabolism – RDA 2.0mg
B12(cyanocobalamine) – important for red and white blood stations synthesis and food metabolism – RDA 6.0mcg
Folic acid – important for blood stations production and nervous system health – RDA 0.4 mg
Biotin – needed for carbohydrates, fats and proteins metabolism – RDA 0.3mg
Panthotenic acid -  needed for carbohydrates, fats and proteins metabolism – RDA 10mg
C(ascorbic acid) – important for healthy connective tissue, bones, teeth, cartilage; increases immunology composition; important antioxidant – RDA 60mg
D(calciferol) – important of potassium and phosphorus metabolism, and for healthy bones and teeth – RDA 400 IU
E(tocoferol) – needed for station empowering and supplying; important antioxidant – RDA 30 IU
K(filohinon) – needed for blood coagulation – RDA 70-140mcg

"Sports nutrition", Nancy Clark

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