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19. 4. 2012.


Glycocorticoids are hormones that are synthetized in the cortex of adrenal glandula. Cortisole is the most significant glycocorticoid at humans. Glycocorticoids have many various effects on tissues in organism:
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-alergic and immunosuppressive effect;
  • Gluconeogenesis stimulation;
  • Antagonism of vitamin D effects in organism(osteoporosis);
  • Stimulation of hydrochloric acid in gaster( gastric ulcer);
  • Changing of cell processes regulation(influence on gene expression);
  • Stimulus of central nervous system(euphoria) and other effects.
Therapy glycocorticoids are synthetized with goal to emphasize some of this substance effects, and especially its anti-inflammatory and anti-alergic effect.

Appliance in sport

Anti-inflammatory(pain removal) and stimulative effect on CNS are basic motives to use these substances as doping in sport.
In 1975 Medic commission(International Olympic Comitee) defined therapy appliance of corticosteroids at athletes during competition.
Allowed local use means appliance in ophtamology, dermatology and otorinolaringology. But, intraarticular use is also allowed, just as the appliance of inhalation therapy in the cases of astma or other opstructive illnesses of airways.
If there is therapeutic excuse for use of this hormone, it is necessary that in proper way, in written form, before competition, to inform the commission.
Every other administration is not allowed in sport(oral, vein, muscular and rectal).
Rectal administration can also lead to increase in these hormone level, just as the oral use.

Harmful effects

Long-term use of bigger corticosteroids dose(with sudden stop in use) can lead to following effects:
  • Adrenal glandula suppression(these leads to inhibitory effect of applied corticosteroids on ACTH secretion. In the case of sudden stop, addinamia is reported)
  • Cushing’s syndrome( hyperglycemia, diabetes, osteoporosis, acne, insomnia, body mass increase, increased hair growth at females…)
  • Gastric ulcer
  • Decrease of organism resistance to infections
  • Psychosis and other effects.


Glycocorticoids in urine can be detected through methods gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

“Doping in sport”, Marina Djordjevic Nikic

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