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16. 4. 2012.

Other anabolic agences

Representors of other anabolic agences are:


Clenbuterol is the substance that manifests its effect in the organism as beta-2 agonist.
Reseaches on laboratory animals, when oral clenbuterole was used, result was increase in lean body mass and stop of fat depoing. This rimifon is applied in huge doses that were overwhelming the amount needed to cause bronchodilatation. 
Researches on human population, demonstrated clenbuterol potential for body mass increase, of specified muscle fiber types. Activity of beta 2-agonists and its effect on sport achievement ask for further researches. Sport skill is lot more than power, speed and endurance, one by one.

Appliance in sports

Clenbuterol finds today heavy application in sport, though it is found on the list of the illegal doping substances. This rimifon is thought to be anabolic agens. Athletes use it in wish to increase the percent of lean body mass, and reduct the amount of fat materies. 

Harmful effects

The fact that effect of this rimifon is not questioned enough,  conditionates that, for now, only unique  cases of overdose are marked.
Abuse of these substance is manifested in following way: tacchicardia(160/min), arrhytmia, headache, increased sweating, tremor, nervousness, increase in potassium and glucose concentration in serume. All symptoms and biochemical abnormalities are lessened and disappear by appliance of some beta-blocker.


Zeranol is the substance of non-steroid chemical structure, that is thought to be potential anabolic agens. This substance is created through motivation from zeraralenone. 
Zearalenone is toxine that is producted by numerous kinds of fungi from the genus Fusarum. 
In USA zearalenone is legally used for cattle, to increase growth, or muscle mass increase. It is thought that zearalenone manifests strong estrogene activity. Zearalenone and its metabolites can be detected at people that were consuming the meat of these animals(beef) treated by this substance. 
Incidence and abuse of zeranol in sports are not sufficient enough and need further research. 

“Doping in sport”, Marina Djordjevic Nikic

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