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17. 4. 2012.

Insulin-like Growth Factor I - IGF 1

Insulin-like Growth Factor I

Through stimulation of synthesis and release of somatomedine growth hormone enables the part of its effects in organism. Somatomedins have similar chemical structure and biology effects like insulin, so they are called insulinic growth factors(IGF). In the serume of human the biggest concentration is IGF-1(somatomedin-C) and IGF-2(somatomedin-A). These two substances are polypeptids, created of 70, or 67 amino-acids.
The main regulator of IGF-1 concentration in blood is the amount of excreted growth hormone. Miss in growth hormone is followed by decrease of IGF-1 concentration in blood, and vice versa. Insuline and testosterone also have influence on synthesis and secretion of IGF-1. This substance is in circulation found the biggest part connected to proteins, while smaller part is free. Today 6 various proteins thar relate IGF in blood is known. Synthesis of IGF and proteins that relate them is stimulated by growth hormone, and inhibated through dominance of catabolism in organism. Measure of IGF concentration in one blood sample gives good view on its average concentrations in longer period of time.

Appliance in sport

Athletes that use IGF-1 think that they will increase protein anabolism in muscles, and along with that the size of muscle mass and functional muscles ability. On the other side, from applied IGF-1 is expected to lead to body mass reduction.

Harmful effects

Unwished effects of IGF-1 are very similar to the ones that are caused by growth hormone abuse. Application of IGF-1 can cause following pathological conditions and changes:
·         Hypoglycemia
·         Pain in joints and muscle-skeletal changes
·         Increase of inner organs, as well as heart
·         Headache.
Increase of muscle strength that is marked that is marked in the beginning, is changed with weakness, due to muscle-skeletal changes.


Method for detection is not developed yet. 

“Doping in sport”, Marina Djordjevic Nikic

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