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19. 4. 2012.


The most significant ethanol effects are exposed as depression of cerebellum functions.
Ethanol effects on central nervous system(CNS):
  • Decrease of visual acuity
This ethanol effect is spotted already when very small amounts of ethanol are present(3-11mmol), that don’t cause signs of drunkness. Use of bigger ethanol amounts leads to emphasized decrease in visual acuity.
  • Reaction time increase
Alcohol concentration of over 23 mmol significantly increases reaction time.
  • Skeletal muscles coordination disorder
Disorders of skeletal muscles central coordination occurs under the effect of ethanol. Small amounts effect on delicate movements, like hand coordination.
  • Euphoria
Already when small amounts of alcohol are present, signs of euphoria are present. Positive mood that happens under the influence of alcohol is one of the reasons that leads to addiction.
  • Inhibitions removal
      Self-confidence, free behaviour, and tension removal are the result of central cortical              inhibition removing.

Effects on cardio-vascular system are manifested through peripheral vasodilatation and toxic ethanol effect on miocard. Gastric and liver illnesses are often manifestations of long-term intake of big alcohol amounts. Inhibitory effect of ethanole on antidiuretic hormone secretion leads to increased diuresis.

Appliance in sport

Alcohol is the most widespread substance, the most often used and abused substance in recreative and competitive sport. Euphoria, inhibitions and tension removal, self-confidence increase are basic motive to use this substance in sport. All other effects are unwished effects at athletes. Increased diuresis and termoregulation disorder, like coordination muscles disorder, can influent badly to the result and lead to higher injury rate.


Alcohol in urine can be detected through techniques of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Analysis of air that is breathed-out or blood can be applied in detection.
If threshold is not written, any alcohol amount will be considered as offence. Alcohol is not prohibited in all sports, but in soccer it is prohibited.

“Doping in sport”, Marina Djordjevic Nikic

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