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14. 4. 2012.


Canabinoids are psychoactive substances that originate from plant cannabis(Cannabis sativa). The most active canabinoid from this plant is tetrahydrocanabional(THC). The biggest concentration of THC is found in the hemp(cannabis) leaves and flowers.

Cannabis sativa


Marijuana and cannabis originate from the plant cannabis. Marijuana is given through drying of cannabis flowers and leaves. Cannabis is lot more potent than marijuana. It represents blocks of dried resin from the plant cannabis. Cannabis oil has the most powerful effect related to other cannabis forms, and it is given through extraction from the plant cannabis.
Emphasized euphoria is the result of canabinoids use and stimulans for repeated intake, or drug addiction.

Appliance in sport

Fatique and tension removal, increased working(training) motivation, euphoria are the basic motives for use of this substances in sports.

Harmful effects

Marijuana effects on central nervous system and cardiovascular system vary from dose, way of intake and health status of the individual.
Canabinoids can create coordination and balance disorder, loss of concentration, increase of heart frequency, increase of apettite, dry mouth, sleepiness and hallucinations, and reduction of ability to do harder assignments(car driving). Long term marijuana use leads to motivation and concentration loss, decrease in ability to memorize and various respiratory infections(cancer of lungs and throat, chronic bronchitis).


Canabinoids in urine can be detected through techniques of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.
If carboxy-THC level in blood is over 15 ng/ml, it is considered as doping.

“Doping in sport”, Marina Djordjevic Nikic

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