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18. 2. 2012.

Sinding- Larsen- Johansson syndrome


Same like in general principles. Usually forms before skeletal maturity is achieved and represents a great problem in sports. There is a local tenderness over the lower patellar pole on palpation and resisted quadriceps.


An apophysitis at the lower pattelar pole caused by too much quadriceps loading.


Reduction in quadriceps loading, by using low loads, high repetitions and, very occasionally, a cast for 2 weeks in order to rest the apophysis.


a)      Pain and limping must be the guide to monitoring the condition( see this)
b)      Kicking games( soccer, football or rugby) – player has to be moved to the position where less kicking is required, and in soccer do not take free kicks, corner kicks or hard shots; do not kick on big distances until better
c)      Jumping sports – reduce jumping until pain- free

This responds, like any overload injury, to a reduction in load, but an apophysis takes longer than expected to  heal. Coaches and managers should be warned of this.

"Concise guide to sports injuries, 2nd edition",Churchill Livingstone, Malcolm T.F. Read,  foreword by Bryan English

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