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18. 2. 2012.

Anterior coronary ligament strain


McMurray’s test may be positive, and full- flexion weight bearing, such as the squat position, is painful, with local tenderness to palpation over the tibial plateau anterolaterally or anteromedially.


The coronary ligament that tethers the meniscus anteriorly is strained, usually by load bearing, full flexion of the knee.
The possibility of meniscal tears should also be considered.


Avoid full squat positions. Anti- inflammatory measures, such as cortisone injections or electrotherapeutic modalities.


The injury has often been caused in a fall or stumble, although usually the player can run or play through the pain, but full squats must be avoided.


An athlete could play a full season of elite sport with this injury, just by avoiding full knee squats, and the injury can be settled with time. It can be quite responsive to cortisone injections.

"Concise guide to sports injuries, 2nd edition",Churchill Livingstone, Malcolm T.F. Read,  foreword by Bryan English

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