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19. 2. 2012.

Biceps femoris bursa


There is a history of pain benihd, and lateral to, the knee, with sprinting or high heel(heel flick drills). Resisted hamstring testing with a bent knee may be painful, and it is tender to palpation on the medial side of the biceps tendon, near its insertion into the fibula. Examination of the rest of the knee is normal.


This is an uncommon irritation of the biceps femoris bursa, at the head of the fibula, close to the insertion and its association with the fibular collateral ligament.

Occurs in runners with a short, fast, running cadence that encourages fast flexion at the knee. Encourage lengthening of the stride and increased drive from the calf and forefoot.

Cortisone and lengthening of the stride are usually effective. Electrotherapeutic and massage techniques in most cases don’t improve healing.

"Concise guide to sports injuries, 2nd edition",Churchill Livingstone, Malcolm T.F. Read,  foreword by Bryan English

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