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15. 9. 2012.

Stefan Mitrovic for "Novosti"

 “ In a very short period of time, I gained huge trust of the coach; fought for the place in the first team, and fans accepted me”, says pleasantly Stefan Mitrovic, young member of the Kortrijk.

Young Serbian soccer international player Stefan Mitrovic plays fantastic in the kit of Kortrijk(Belgium). Powerful central defender became first team member in a very short period of time, though coach announced that he will not change the team that ended last season. Kortrijk and fans enabled him wonderful welcome, that made adaptation process easier.

On the start of this year I played for Metalac from Gornji Milanovac, which was eliminated from Serbia Super League, and now I am in the first team of Kortrijk. Huge change and lots of new experiences. Good critics are pleasant for me, but I didn’t relax myself in any single moment, because I know that I have to progress a lot more.

According to the grades of first league coaches, Mitrovic was chosen for the player of last round. He scored a goal, that enabled him to gain huge trust of the fans, that started to like him very quickly after that goal, due to huge trying, tough playing style and brave entering into every action. That is why they placed Stefan’s photo on the team flag with top three players.

My dreams started to come true. I gained huge coach’s trust, fought for the place in the first team, and fans accepted me. I believe that good games will enable me soon the status of a national team member, and I will be very happy if I dress a jersey with Serbian anthem on it.

There are some indications that it will happen very soon.

I heard, and I was endlessly happy, that my games are followed by national team coach Alexander Jankovic. That is enough for me in this moment, cause it is extra motive for me. I will push harder and keep with good games, because I am sure that there are a lo of space for progression. I am on the right way, in good club, everything is dependant of my games how big my progress will be – stands tough Stefan Mitrovic, new member of Kortrijk.

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