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11. 9. 2012.

Newspaper "Alo!" , Stefan Mitrovic

Stefan Mitrovic, age 22, Kortrijk

"Eagles can beat Belgium national team!"

Though Serbian national team, after premier match with Scotland(0:0) in Euro 2014 Qualifications,  expects Wales in Tuesday, every advice about other group rivals can be useful. Belgium is seen by many people as the main team that alters for first place, and "inside" view of this national team will be presented by Kortrijk's player Stefan Mitrovic.

 - Powerful central defender played in 2011 for Metalac from Gornji Milanovac, and became in a very short period of time first central defender in Kortrijk. And huge award  suddenly appeared from nowhere - he was vouted for the best player of 5th round.

 - Did you spend enough time in Belgium to give us more precise picture about their national team?

- Positive atmosphere around their national team is felt over the whole Belgium. They have excellent national team and many players that play in Europe's best leagues, they are full of self-confidence and they are sure that they can make excellent result.  Independant of everything, I think we can win, I believe in Serbia national team, and I will be in the stadium to support them next year in June.

 - What is the difference between Serbian and Belgium League?

 - Huge. Organization is on the highest level, attention is payed here on every single detail. and stadiums are always full, which is extra motivation for every player.

 - Who was preparing you for international leagues?

 - My condition is watched by my long-time coach and godfather Nenad Planic. He PhD'd on the Faculty of sports and physical education and, cause of his huge commitment to the job, many of our famous athletes decided to be trained by Nenad.  I think that I am mentally mature for all challenges in Europe. Of course, I owe huge gratitude to my family, whose advices and support enabled me to create a result.

 - Why Belgium?

Ivica Jarakovic, scout of the club, helped me a lot. He is one of the most credited people for my coming here, and team captain Nebojsa Pavlovic. For him I only have words of gratitude - he is top soccer player, and, most important of all, a great man. I am here with my wife, and that is very significant in the process of adaptation. 

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