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12. 9. 2012.

Connective tissue

Connective tissue is of mesodermal origin and in the adult has many forms, the character of the tissue depending on the organization of its constituent cells and fibres.


Fat is a packing and insulating material; however, in some circumstances it can act as a shock absorber, an important function as far as the musculoskeletal system is concerned. Under the heel, the buttock and the palm of the hand, the fat is divided into lobules by fibrous tissue septa thereby stiffening it for the demands made upon it.

Fibrous tissue

Fibrous tissue is of two types. In white fibrous tissue there is an abundance of collagen bundles, whereas in yellow fibrous tissue there is a preponderance of elastic fibres.
White fibrous tissue is dense thereby providing considerable strength without being rigid or elastic. It forms: 1) ligaments, which pass from one bone to another in the region of joints, uniting the bones and limiting joint movement; 2) tendons for attaching muscles to bones; 3) protective membranes around muscle (perymisium), bone (periosteum) and many other structures.
Yellow fibrous tissue, on the other hand, is highly specialized, being capable of considerable deformation and yet returning to its original shape. It is found in the ligamenta flava associated with the vertebral column as well as in the walls of arteries.

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