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16. 8. 2012.

Mobility and balance tests

 Mobility is the ability to perform a joint action through a range of movement. In any movement there are two groups of muscles at work: the protagonistic muscles which cause the movement to take place and opposing the movement and determining the amount of mobility are the antagonistic muscles.
A good level of mobility is also essential for the development of specific conditioning( ie the application of strength or speed in a particular event).
Balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium when stationary or moving(ie not to fall over) through the co-ordinated actions of our sensory functions(vision, hearing and proprioception).
Balance comprises of static balance(the ability to retain the centre of mass above the base of support in a stationary position) and dynamic balance(the ability to maintain balance under changing conditions of body movement).

Mobility and balance evaluation tests

Mobility tests:
  1. Modified sit and reach test
  2. Sit and reach test
  3. Hip flexion test
  4. Static flexibility test – ankle
  5. Static flexibility test – hip&trunk
  6. Static flexibility test – shoulder
  7. Static flexibility test – shoulder&wrist
  8. Static flexibility test – trunk&neck
  9. Trunk flexion test.

Balance tests:
  1. Standing stork test
  2. Standing stork test – blind.

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