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13. 8. 2012.

Agility tests

Agility is the ability to move and change direction and position of the body quickly and effectively while under control.

According to Dr. Drabik in his book Children&Sports Training the coordinative abilities are:
  • Balance – maintenance to the centre gravity over the base of support. It has a static and a dynamic quality.
  • Kinaesthetic differentiation – ability to feel tension in movement to achieve the desired movement.
  • Spatial orientation – the control of body in space.
  • Sense of rhythm – the ability to match movement to time.
  • Reaction to signals – the ability to respond quickly to auditory, visual and kinesthetic cues.
  • Synchronization of movements in time – unrelated limb movements completed in a synchronized manner.
  • Movement adequacy – ability to choose movements appropriate to the task.

Here are presented the following agility evaluation tests:
3)      505 agility test
6)      Quick feet test
7)      Burpee test
8)      “T” drill test.

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