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13. 3. 2013.

The bony structure of the foot

The foot consists of many small bones; posteriorly are the tarsal bones and anteriorly the metatarsals and phalanges. The tarsus and metatarsals comprise the foot proper, whereas the phalanges comprise the toes. The largest bone in the foot is the calcaneus, while the largest metatarsal is the most medial, having anterior to it the two phalanges of the big toe or hallux. The other metatarsals of the foot each have three phalanges distal to them. Tracing along the bones of the medial longitudinal arch from posterior to anterior are the calcaneus, the talus (situated more on top of the previous bone), the navicular, the three cuneiform bones, and the first, second and third metatarsals with their phalanges. Tracing along the lateral longitudinal arch of the foot, again from posterior to anterior, are the calcaneus, the cuboid, and fourth and fifth metatarsals with their phalanges.

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