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14. 2. 2013.

Red Star’s youthness in the first plan again

After years of buying and loaning players, hard financial situation made Red Star to pay more attention onto the youth team, and the idea is to find there some reinforcements for the next season.

In Antalia, along with the first team members, arrived Nikola Karaklajic, Ognjen Ozegovic, Stefan Mihajlovic, Vukan Savicevic… And nobody of the Red Star’s fans didn’t even think that somebody of their “kids” will explode on the preparations. However, it occurred – especially with Vukan Savicevic and Stefan Mihajlovic.

Savicevic proved that he can be competition, shoulder by shoulder, for the place of offensive midfielder along with Kadu. He has a great game review, “soft” pass and excellent dribbling. Maybe coach Jankovic speaks the most about his possibilities, who said that Red Star was give a new “genius”, alluding on Vukan’s relative and namesake Dejan Savicevic. Though he is compared with the player of that callibre, modest guy from Belgrade says:

 - Of course that I am thrilled with these grades of coach Jankovic, but it is on me to prove and justify it with stronger and better work. Steady head is the most important, and staying on the ground.

And about the attack, that wasn’t efficient in the autumn, seems like there won’t be problems there. Young Stefan Mihajlovic is, with 5 goals, the top goalscorer on the preparations till now. He is good in ball guarding, he has an extraordinary movement, back play and hard shot. There were a lot of good comments for him too, however he also stayed modest and symphatized with the team after victory over Shan(8-0):

 - I am happy with what I achieved, but I am not carried away by goals versus teams like Shan and generally on preparations, cause their only role is to enable to deserve coach’s trust and minutes on the court. The team is the most important, and it functions in the proper way when the championship starts.

When everything is considered, seems like, along with foreign reinforcements and returnee Nikola Petkovic, the biggest discovery is the generation ’94, that, as we saw, carried huge talents of Serbian soccer. When we see these talented young players on the court, it is cleared that Serbia will not stay without quality players.

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