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1. 2. 2013.

Jankovic for SPORTAL.RS : Savicevic is the architect of the Red Star’s gameplay


From the Adriatic Sea for big results. FC Red Star finished the first phase of preparations for the second part of championship, in which they will have almost impossible mission, to decrease the difference of six points between Partizan, the leader of the championship. Coach Alexander Jankovic is satisfied with current form and done things till now.
We will play differently and, I hope, better and more efficient than last autumn. We will change the conception, and basic formation will be 4 – 2 – 3- 1. We will play faster, more aggressive. We accelerated our defensive line, and I hope that will bring better results.

You have problem with central backs?

On that position we count on Spajic, Petkovic and  Pantic, though Petkovic can also play on the position of the left back, and Pantic on the position of the right back. If we talk about gains on that position, this player should be a lot better than those we already have and to bring advantage. But…

What is the dilemma?

Every new player, if he comes, will be in remnant, cause we have already passed big part of preparations, so newbie will have very hard work to do to reach competition. Though, we didn’t give up from gains.

You have a lot of players on the position of defensive midfielder?

Here we have a very big choice of players. Among Milivojevic and Mijailovic, Milijas and Dimitrijevic are here, and newbie Garido, who should intrude himself. In any case, we will not have problems with midfielders.

Who will be given the role of playmaker, or main creator of the game?

Savicevic and Kadu are the main choice for that position. Young Vukan Savicevic heavily intrudes and there is a huge possibility that he will be given this role. He worked nicely and shows quality. Also, other players from youth team shown that it can be counted on them.

You invited Phillip Jankovic on the second part of preparations?

Phillip is a talented player and he will be given a chance to intrude through work and matches. Stefan Cikic goes to the tournament in Viareggio, and we will not lead him to Antalya.

How do you cooperate with new coaching staff?

Excellent. Zivkovic and Cepzanovic shew that they deserve their place in the first team. Everybody fit in nicely and we will be more prepared than last autumn.

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