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23. 6. 2013.

Stefan Mitrovic is the new member of Benfica!!!

“My legs were shakin’ once i stepped on “La Luge” in Lisabon, and my hands were shaking that much, that I barely signed a contract with the famous Portugalian Rui Costa. I am currently living my dream”, says Stefan Mitrovic(23) in one breath, seventh Serb, that will play this year in the kit of Benfica.

“Alo! Sprint” practically packed Stefan, with his wife Kristina, on the road to Lisabon, where they will, with Matic brothers, Nemanja and Uros, Markovic – Lazar and Phillip, and also with Phillip Djuricic and Miralem Sulejmani; try to remove “the curse” of “eagles” from Lisabon, one of the team with the greatest tradition in the world, and to bring them the title of the Portugal champ, and maybe bring them one of the European trophies.

<<<Once we are at Benfica’s curse, do you believe in that there is some higher force that doesn’t let them thrill in the end?
- It is all a little bit strange, but me, like the most of Serbs, don’t believe in these witchcrafts. Maybe that is the reason why they gathered the seven of us, to remove these witchcrafts – laughed Mitrovic, that was visited by us on Zvezdara.

<<<Are you in contact with some of teammates in Benfica?
 - Phillip Djuricic and I have the same manager, Oliver Kabrera.He connected us right away and we saw each other. I also know Lazar Markovic, we played one against other  in Jelen Superliga. I feel myself a lot easier when I go to the club that already has my teammates.

<<<How did you react, when you heard the info that you will go to Benfica, and to whom did you tell the great news first?
- Only one year ago, when I was fighting to stay in Jelen Superliga, i couldn’t even imagine that I will with 23 years play for the team from Lisabon. You won’t believe, but with the captain of Kortrijk, Nebojsa Pavlovic, only few days before the deal with Portugals, I spoke that I would like to play one day in some club like Liverpool, Athletic Bilbao or Benfica, but “eagles” are my most popular. And so as happened. That is why I told first to Nebojsa, and to the team scout of Kortrijk, Ivica Jerakovic. They couldn’t believe too. Just as I, even today, believe me, I am not aware of everything, though whole job was finished even in april.

<<<Who found out first from your family?
- Father Ljubisa, brother Aleksa, godfather and conditioning coach – Nenad Planic, and wife’s parents Gaga and Voja. It was a shock for them too, but they were very happy because of me.

<<<Feeling sorry for Red Star Belgrade!
<<<Whose fan are you in Serbian soccer?
 - I am a huge “delija”. As a kid I passed youth cathegories of Red Star and only few days before that youth cathegory should sign professional contract, director of youth school was changed. Except of Mitar Mrkela, Zlatko Krmpotic came and released us all as non-talented. Road led me then to Rad, then Artmedia, Brno, Kortrijk and now to Benfica. I feel sorry cause I never wore a kit of Red Star, but who knows. Maybe this will came true – said Stefan and added that, of course, he hopes for the call of Serbian national team.

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