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11. 7. 2012.

Adaptation to exercise in the cold

Changes associated with repeated cold exposures are not as pronounced, or as predictable, as they are with heat acclimation. Therefore, such changes are usually termed out adaptation rather than acclimation. Young has recently described three patterns of thermoregulatory adjustments to prolonged or repeated cold exposures. The first is called habituation, in which physiological responses become less pronounced with each repeated exposure. The second and third patterns involve either a more pronounced metabolic response or an exaggerated insulative response. In the metabolic adaptation, both shivering and nonshivering thermogenesis may be increased. With insulative adaptation, skin vasoconstriction is enhanced.

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MoLangley је рекао...

I know that exercise improves my gait, my mind and my fatigue. I'm surprised it is not given more priority. This is probably the same for the population with no underlying health problems. It is not a cure and sometimes it is hard to find the energy, but it helps just to know you have done something for your personal wellbeing.

Dana Point Adaptive Exercise

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